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Whether you're looking to get your first credit card or are looking to lower your interest rate on your current credit card, a low rate MasterCard with Focus FCU let's you Pocket the Savings! Plus, with our weekly cash drawings*, there's more than one way to Pocket the Savings.

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And The Winner is…..(Part III)

It seriously feels like a $200 winner assembly line we’re running here!!! We are thrilled to announce the third winner of our weekly cash drawing is Michelle R.! Michelle did two balance transfers to a Focus FCU MasterCard and will end up saving thousands of dollars in interest. Congratulations Michelle! Read more →

And The Winner is…..(Part II)

We’re excited to announce the 2nd winner of our weekly cash drawing, Brandon!!! Brandon won $200 cash after being entered the drawing for doing a balance transfer over $1,000.  Brandon will also end up saving close to $3,000 in interest! Congrats to Brandon and good luck to everyone else as we still have 3 more cash drawings. Read more →

Holy Savings Batman!!!

The following is absolutely a true story.  For the sake of privacy, we have changed the name of the member. When Carolyn was offered a percentage off her purchase of major appliances at a home improvement store by putting the purchase on their in house credit card, she was thrilled to accept the offer because she would be saving a… Read more →

And The Winner is…..(Part I)

Ladies and gentlemen, LET’S GET READY TO RRRRRRRRRUMBLE!!!  Just kidding.  But it is time to announce the first winner of our weekly cash drawing of $200. The winner of the first week’s drawing is Steven H.  Steven transferred a little over $2,000 to a Focus MasterCard and ended up saving over $500 in interest…wow! Congratulations Steven and good luck to… Read more →

Donate the Denim

Well we’ve officially launched Pocket the Savings at all of our branches.  Team Members were asked to bring in jeans that they no longer need to decorate our branches.  The response was overwhelming!  Team Members brought in nearly 100 pairs of jeans!  After the promo ends on October 1st, the jeans will be donated to a local charity.  It was… Read more →

Scout Out The Savings

Use our convenient online calculator to compare the rate of your current card to a Focus FCU MasterCard. It’s like we just challenged your credit card to a duel; will it accept the challenge? Read more →